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The anticipation is finally over, PracMed NZ is now offering a 4-hour workshop designed to deliver knowledge, build confidence and ensure individual practical skills if you are faced with life threatening bleeding. The purpose of this workshop to support and advance a Basic Life Support level of competence and understanding dealing with haemorrhage control. It is run in a logical systematic manner with plenty of hands on exercises to ensure practical confidence, it covers the following aspects of haemorrhage control:

- Identifying serious bleeding.
- Blood sweep techniques and exposing wounds.- Indirect Pressure (IDP).
- Wound assessment and packing.- Bandaging.
- Use of the Combat Application Tourniquet.- Post control casualty care and shock management.Each trainee is supplied with the equipment required to complete the workshop.To get the most from this workshop please ensure you are healthy, injuries to the shoulders, elbows, wrists or hands may prevent the attendee from full participation.

2020 dates will be announced soon!


Semper Paratus - Always Ready.

Price Includes GST.

Stop the Bleed Workshop